Why do you need a bank account ... and how to open an account

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1. Safety: One of the most important reasons for which the banks were established is securing the security of the owner of the money. Initially, the purpose was almost exclusive to the merchants whose trade required them to travel, and thus to avoid carrying the money for long distances within the jungles and seas and because they were at risk Of the natural factors, such as sea juggernauts, and human dangers, such as the bandit, they deposited their money with one of the people, later known as a banker, and take from him a book to someone else in the area they wish to travel to, and there reflect the process by exchanging the book for money, In favor of The banking process expanded to include everyone. The basis of the process is security and safety. In the current era, you do not need to keep the money in your pocket wherever you travel, while you can shorten it with a smart card and a small one. When you are in a bank account, you receive a card that enables you to receive money from the bank itself or any of its branches. Usually, many branches are opened all over the country. If you are outside the country, you can apply for an international bank card. You do not need to carry in your pocket money in excess of your need, although it is not advisable to rely on this card, unless necessary for reasons not mentioned here.This article is taken from the nine website: Bank Account: How to open a bank account and why do you need it? Https: //www.ts3a.com/? P = 71013 - Saving time: Did you know that it is now possible to pay your monthly bills through your bank account and through the Internet, and you are at home. 4 Easy to calculate your liquid money later: You can get to know your balance of money at the touch of a button either through the Internet (the website of the bank), or through the ATM. The salary was delivered by the company accountant manually. Currently, the salary is transferred to your bank account. Some companies even oblige their employees with the bank account, In addition to this service there is a transfer service across countries, all of which would not have been if you did not have a bank account. Second: Types of bank accounts: There are many types of bank accounts, each of which has what distinguishes it from others. This is the simplest of these types and the most common, which is recommended to everyone, and the most important features that you can deposit money in the bank and withdraw from it at any time, and this account varies between the current account of the creditor, in which the depositor can withdraw the balance and carry out banking operations Within the limits of the amount deposited, and is not entitled to withdraw money above this ceiling, and the other is a current account receivable, which can exceed the ceiling of the amounts deposited, but this depends on the Bank's approval to provide these facilities to the person who wishes to open an account within him and within certain restrictions and conditions. The deposit account shall be deposited in the bank as a deposit or trust to a specified time and shall be determined within the contract. The depositor shall receive a financial commission at the expiry of the term. He shall be entitled to receive it or transfer it to another account or to add it to the deposit and extend the term for a new period. Depending on the amount of the amount and the term, you can withdraw money whenever you want before the expiry of the deposit, but this will lose your right to commission, the commission is realized by the end.This article is translated from the website of nine: Bank account: How to open a bank account and why you need it? Https://www.ts3a.com/?p=7101

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