Can I use Mircosoft Outlook for my Gmail or Hotmail emails?

  • الكاتب Han Jenny
  • تاريخ اﻹضافة 2017-04-14
  • مشاهدة 9

I am now with Optus so I have my email addresses and I use Microsoft Outlook as my email 'delivery system'. Because I have found unbelievably better broadband deals on servers like iinet, I am about to change to them. My question relates to the following. When I cahnce to iinet, can I still use my Microsoft Outlook as I always have but because I will have to drop my optusnet email accounts, I am changing to gmail email accounts. Will I be able to use my gmail accounts on Microsoft hotmail Outlook in the same way as I do my optus emails, or is there a problem? Can I use the Microsift Outlook with both Optus and gmail email accounts at the same time?? Answer: I think so at least for the hotmail accounts. But I am not sure. Both ISPs like Yahoo, do offer premium packages that support POP3 addresses but basic yahoo accounts ( free accounts) dont offer compatibility with POP3 and thus Outlook cannot be configured to basic yahoo mail. You should be able to contact tech support at gmail and hotmail to see if their free email services support pop3.

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