Can People on Skype iPod App Receive Photos?

  • الكاتب Han Jenny
  • تاريخ اﻹضافة 2017-05-10
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They can send an image if they would like to as well. Here is how to do both: To Receive an Image: 1. Sign in to Skype. You’ll see a notification dialog telling you that someone wants to send you a file. 2. Tap Accept to receive the image, or tap Decline to reject the transfer. 3. When the file transfer is complete, the image you've received opens automatically. To send an image: 1. First, install skype then sign in to Skype and select the contact you’d like to send an image to. 2. In the Contact Card, tap More > Send Photo. (If you use a first generation iPad and have no Video Messaging ability, the More icon does not appear. In the Contact card, tap Send Photo directly.) 3. Select an image saved on your iPhone or iPad, or take a new one. The image file can’t be larger than 25 MB. 4. You can send your file only after your contact accepts it. You’ll see a progress bar showing you how much time is left until your image is sent. You can stop sending your file at any time by tapping.

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