!!Corruption hit in 50 days !! A bold experience worth studying

!!Corruption hit in 50 days !! A bold experience worth studying 

Is it possible to hit the corruption that penetrated all joints of the state in 50 days. Is it possible to triple the State's income from taxes in one month? Is it possible to put all the money in circulation and polluted under the eyes of the state and taxes? Is it possible to facilitate all financial transactions among citizens and put them under the microscope in a few days? I saw with my eyes a real experience worthy of serious study and I asked everyone who lived the unique experience who I met to know what happened a moment ago since the zero hour to uproot corruption from its roots

There is no country in the world that has been balanced in government corruption like India. It was customary to bribe officials of the government, the police, all state institutions and politicians to obtain any approval or completion of any transaction. Those who were corrupt received thousands, even millions, especially in corrupt localities. India's strong man, Marindra Modi, has been nominated for prime minister on the back of helping poor classes, developing infrastructure and fighting corruption and eliminating it as he did in his tenure as governor. When he succeeded in the general elections two years ago, he focused on roads, bridges, In India, with a serious attempt to fight poverty and unemployment, necessitating a huge budget that he does not have. And everyone expected him to eliminate the corruption that penetrated all parts of the state as promised them, but they did not realize that he cleverly and secretly planned to eliminate corruption with one miscalculation and raising the proceeds of the state and burn all corrupt funds and control the control of the state and the law forever. Many did not realize his interest in opening branches of banks across the country and expanding exchange machines. They considered this part of the nationwide development. He is a man who cares about modern technology, like many of the youth of India

Before the big surprise, India was the world's most direct cash deal. About 95% of transactions are carried out by cashes, as in Egypt and outside the banking system, and of course bribes and commissions were paid away from the eyes of censorship to be stored under the tile. About 80% of workers and employees, especially in the private sector, are paid by cash and only 50% of the 1.25 billion people have a bank account. Just before the zero hour, Moody asked the department to cleanse their money from corruption by submitting to the banks within thirty days and depositing the amounts they have in the bank accounts and obliging the banks not to question the source of the funds in return for paying the state taxes on this unknown money, . Some are offering millions of rupees to the banks to clean up their money and the majority failed. Those who get money illegally do not want to show the accumulated money in the bank accounts associated with the national number, on which the taxes are collected, all suspicious transactions certainly did not pay any tax

The zero hour came as all the radio and television stations announced that Moody would like to address the people to an important topic !! No one knows what he intends to say. At 8pm on November 8, after most of the shops closed, it was zero hour, when Moody appeared to suddenly announce that the deal would end abruptly in the two largest transactions in the country of 500 riyals and one thousand rupees, which constitutes 75% of the total currency traded among the people. Twelfth at night, after only four hours! He called on the people of India to replace their existing currency through banks through a bank account is not withdrawn only through the exchange machine and gave only 50 days to complete the conversion to become the old currency only paper. The surprise came as a shock to everyone. Some of them went to the gold shops to buy gold. They were the safe haven in India and usually bought without an invoice to evade these shops from paying the sales tax, but this time the tax officials were deployed in the gold shops, especially the huge to monitor the issuance of official invoices and pay the tax revenue of the state for gold Which is about 12.5%. In the morning there was a large lawn, not everyone has enough small currency to buy their daily needs, but many overcome this problem using credit cards or by trading small amounts of money by telephone, a technology available in many in India, although the majority do not use, The use of canceled currency to buy airline tickets so as not to stop the movement between large cities and the purchase of gasoline and diesel and pay government hospital bills in case of emergency. Select the daily draw of the new currency from the new currency of 500 rupees to no more than 2000 rupees per day for a period of 30 days before raising the upper limit and then you can withdraw what you want and specify the amount of withdrawals from banks worth 24000 rupees. In the morning everyone went to the banks to put their money into bank accounts and take credit cards or bank cards to open bank accounts for the entire Indian people and the money was only channeled through banks and under the eyes of the state and taxes and their national identity. But how he spent it on corruption. Moody said that the banks welcome all the large amounts of money, but since the grace period for clearing the money has ended, the owner of these large sums must show the source of funds and the quality of his work and salary, although he paid taxes or not with the tax officer of the bank. Of course, most bribes and money launderers were afraid to go to banks so as not to expose their sources of money and just keep them as worthless papers in their homes as proof of their corruption. The world's corrupt and money-laundering countries watched Moody's strange experience of assessing its flaws

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