How can i get my emails sent to folders using hotmail?

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Ok so say i get like 3 pages of facebook emails on hotmail, can i get them automatically sent to a folder using hotmail? If you don't understand what im trying to say, just say and i will try and explain in more depth. I have a Hotmail account, so I dug around, and I found the answer. It's a bit hidden, really. It's under the "Options" button in the top right corner. Here are more detailed instructions" 

 1. When you're in Hotmail com outlook, looking at your inbox, you should see a button that says "Options" in the top right corner. Click on that, and a drop down menu will pop up.

 2. Click on "More options" at the bottom of that menu. A new web page will come up. 

 3. Under "Customize your mail," click on "Automatically sort e-mail into folders." That will take you to a new page for creating filters. 


. Click on "New filter." 

 5. Under Step 1, you want "From address" selected in the first drop down menu and "contains" selected in the second drop down menu. Type "facebook" in the blank box (without the quotes). 

 6. Under Step 2, select the folder you want the e-mails to go to. Here you create a new folder, if you'd like. 


. Click on save. This should capture all of your Facebook e-mails. I tested it in my own account by having my sister send me a message through Facebook. The e-mail notifying me of the message went to the new folder I created. Hope this works!

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