How to protect yourself from diabetes

What information should everyone know about sugar?I am considered to be God Almighty because it is the result of an immune disorder (the first type dependent on insulin) and another type is genetics (type II is not dependent on insulin) and the type of Moody Moody (MODY) and this is what Sugar is a disorder in the representation of carbohydrates (sugars and carbohydrates) inside the body .. which leads to understanding of diabetes to avoid occurrence. In cases of genetic sugar if the person The gene carries here try to delay the sugar as much as possible because sugar emergence as a disease depends on The nature and lifestyle of the pregnant person of the gene ... People who develop the first type of sugar can avoid sugar that dealing with every disease, especially viral diseases, with a kind of seriousness, non-recklessness and rest (the most important thing) and not provoking the immune system, especially if the person is known That his immune system is a problem of increased activity or there are members of the family have a history of illness has to do with immune diseases. It is already concluded that the most important thing is your lifestyle, which will determine what will be with sugar.What causes diabetes?Eating very fast. Eating fast foods (free substances that stimulate the immune system). You are pregnant with a gene that causes diabetes. Smoking is a substance that increases the free substances that stimulate the immune system ... Causes constriction of calories. Peripheral bleeding .. Reduces the movement of blood inside the vessels for two reasons I constriction of the second vessels increase the viscosity of blood).How to avoid or delay the onset of sugar?Avoid all the above factors that help the emergence of sugar. Make your lifestyle healthy from movement and food and avoid smoking and spirits.

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