Pictures ... Five inventions were invented for the zombies only

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As everyone knows that the lazy person has special qualities that distinguish him from ordinary people, a person is lazy when he feels hungry in the absence of someone around him to prepare food for him, ends up going to sleep without eating, and the person is lazy when he needs something away from It is impossible to move from his place, and because we know well that the lazy person is difficult to do such things because of the laziness, we suggest through the magazine of Egyptian stars five inventions inventive invented only for the lazy. Ice cream rotor The rotary ice cream machine is an amazing innovation that enables you to enjoy the taste of ice cream without moving any muscle in your body. The way it works is to rotate the upper part of the ice cream stand and put the tongue on the ice cream layer to be completely relaxed. The shoe will make it easy for you to connect it easily, just insert your foot in the shoe, and then the shoe will automatically install the upper part without having to bend to connect it manually. The mobile cup The mobile jug is an effective innovation that contains inside it a plastic moving disk Rob with the click of a button, will stop using the spoon to move. The Flowbee Shaver enables you to get different hair styles in your home without having to go to the barbershop. This machine has a precise system for cutting hair at different levels and cutting it evenly by sucking the hair shaft towards hollow blades. Smart bedding Smart bedding works on its own arrangement rather than doing this process with a sophisticated mechanical system. When this feature is activated, the mattress has an automatic arm on both sides to arrange bedding and to take things on the bed in less than a minute.

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