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Romantic love story

In a long time ago in France lived a very beautiful girl named Victorine Lavorcad and was from a rich and noble family, and Victorin lived in a large palace and luxury, and were always holding parties in this palace and call on these concerts Stars of French society, and in one of the parties met Victorin handsome young Julien Boussue, Julian was brilliant in talking and very loved but poor. Julian loved the rich Victorian girl and offered her an engagement but she refused and preferred a rich young man from an ancient family called Reynel.
I married Victoria from the rich young Reneel, and after marriage found out that he was rude and hearty and very harsh and that it was bad dealings, Victurin did not tolerate all this and suffered a serious illness, and remained in her bed until signs of death appeared buried in the cemetery near the village where she was born..........

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