The Best World Stricker.. Salah Tops Ibra and bansema et al.

  • الكاتب Eslam Osama
  • تاريخ اﻹضافة 2017-04-18
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The superiority of the Egyptian Mohammad Salah, the player Italian Rome on a number of the attackers in the European patrols the big five, the rate of express or industry statistical Objectives Compare the Intricacies of play.The British Financial Times newspaper published statistics for golfers offensive lines in the five major European patrols, which compared the minutes which played both of them with a number of goals or manufactured in the current season.The presence of Mohamed Salah ranked 22 by the published, surpassing the number of players كزلاتان abramovich Manchester United attacker, Karim بنزيما Real Madrid player, Sergio أجويرو, commander of an attack Manchester City.Welterweight kellan مبابي French Monaco player on the top of the list at a rate goal or industry for 60 minutes, before Lionel Messi Barcelona footballer who contribute to one of the objectives of the catalan team every 68 minutes.The presence of the mertens درايز Naples player in the third goal or industry rate for every 73 minutes, and then Luis Suarez Barcelona footballer who needs 76 minutes to score a goal or another industry "Bab Al Harah" if Palestine returns.Edem دجيكو solving the striker of Rome in the fifth rank, with 82 minutes between each goal or industry with the wolves, and then EMILE Forsberg has agreed in sixth place, then frank ribiere honeymoon Bayern Munich, and his colleague Robert ليفاندوفسكي, Alexis Sanchez, فراديميل arsenal striker Falcao Monaco striker in the top ranks of the VII'lhijjah respectively.Mohamed Salah came in ranked 22 in excess of 110 between each goal or target industry, staying with Rahim Stirling Manchester City player in the same rank.And zlatan abramovich Manchester United player ranked 27, then Aryans Robin Bayern player in the center 28, cream and Real Madrid striker in bansema 29 among the best 50 players in the five major patrols.

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