Treatment of Bovine Endometritis.

Treatment of endometritis is currently based on two differentregimens, the intramuscular injection of PGF2α and intrauterine infusion of antibiotics.

treatment of endometritis with PGF2α,or a synthetic analog, is to stimulate uterine defense mechanismsby destroying the corpus luteum and removing theprogesterone source

Intrauterine infusion of antimicrobials is aimed to obtain greater concentrations of drug at the site of infection than would be achieved by systemic administration

A:Oxytetracycline was once the most popular agent infusedinto the uterus of cows, but is relatively ineffective as it ispoorly absorbed into the deeper layers of the uterus

B:benzathine cephapirin (Metricure,Merck Animal Health), a first-generation cephalosporinwith no meat or milk withdrawal is the drug of choice for uterine infusion.

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