Treatment of bovine Macerated fetus

Treatment of Macerated fetus

Manual removal of foetus or foetal part (s) when cervix is dilated.

When cervix is partially open, then cervix dilatating drug can 
be administered.

PGF2 or oestrogen is also given for cervical relaxation.

After cervical relaxation, all the foetal parts and bones are

removed carefully so that no foetal bone remains present in the uterus

5.Oxytocin should not be given in case of maceration because it increases the contractibility of the uterus and if some bones are left even after manual removal, these penetrate the uterus and cause peritonitis etc

Large doses of antibiotics

should be given parenterally as well as intrauterine preferably oxytetracycline for 4 to 5 days.

For intrauterine therapy, 4-8 boluses of terramycin are
dissolved in 30-40 ml sterile water

Lixen (cephalexin) intrauterine is also beneficial, 4.5 gm
powder is dissolved in 60 ml sterile water and infusee in
the uterus for 4-5 days.

Supportive therapy:

(a) Vit. A injection: For restoration of endometrial epithelial

(b) Tonophosphan: 10 ml IIM alternate day for 3 days.
(c) Vitamin B-complex with liver extract: 10 ml IIM for 3-5

(d) Fluid therapy: In severe condition toxaemia cause septic
shock and lactic acidosis. Therefore, a cow needs balanced
isotonic, alkalinizing multiple electrolyte infusion in large
Rintose - 1 litre I/V daily for 3 to 4 days.

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