Use Hotmail Spam Filter To Stop Spam

  • الكاتب Han Jenny
  • تاريخ اﻹضافة 2017-05-18
  • مشاهدة 5

1. Sign in to Hotmail. Click on Settings >> Option from the drop-down menu within your inbox.2. Click “Filter and reporting” under Preventing junk email (Refer to image)3. Set filters by selecting either standard or exclusive. Selecting exclusive will send every mail that’s not from your contact list to junk mail folder. You can moreover ask the sender to remove you from their mailing lists and automatically block spam when you click on Junk or Unsubscribe. Hotmail outlook login phishing threat most definitely comes from unknown senders. You can easily block unknown email senders on Hotmail by choosing to show or block attachments under the Block Content from Unknown Senders heading. Click “Save” once you’re finished setting filters.

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