What we need all the time

  • الكاتب Hosam Rabee
  • تاريخ اﻹضافة 2017-08-05
  • مشاهدة 2

It makes the world go round. Everybody wants it. Everybody works for it. Nobody can live without it. What is it? It is the money of course.Our simplest needs and our greatest dreams are often connected with money. Home trade with its buying and selling depends on money. International trade with its imports and exports is carried out by means of money. The work of banks relies on money whether customers borrow, lend, save, invest or exchange currencies.Every country has its own currency. For instance, the USA has its dollar, Japan its yen and Jordan its dinnar. Some currencies are beginning to disappear are groups of countries combine to have currency. In Europe, many countries now use one currency, "the euro".This European Union aims at facilitating and encouraging trade among them.You can easily exchange different currencies according to their value. Exchange rates go up and down from day to day because the value of currency varies as a result of its economic value. Hard currency is the one that can be exchangeed easily for another because it is not likely to lose its value.

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