Where Will Play isco? 3 Solutions for Zidane to compensate for the absence of beill

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Left Injury Welsh star Gareth Bill headache in the French capital, Zinedine Zidane, the technical director of Real Madrid, it may be more appropriate to compensate for the absence of the esko player one of the RIBS "BBC" before the German Bayern Munich.The Royal team hosts Bavarian counterpart "Santiago Bernabeu stadium" on Tuesday evening, the second leg of the quarter final of the Champions League, after the White House meeting to go outside the home of result (2-1) last week.The Brilliance Of Esko Before Sporting Gijon and leading his team to win the killer (3-2) in the Spanish league tipped push it as primary before the Bayern Munich, at the expense of Marco Barry Hart and Lucas vázquez matteo kovacic' or خاميس Rodriguez."MARKA" newspaper exhibiting submitted to zeidan, relying on esko solutions in three different plans as follows:

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This is the plan that best fit the qualities of natural isco, will play in the bilateral Status behind bansema offensive Cristiano Ronaldo and sunscreen for the toy industry, and giving opportunities.When Esko fourth player in the center of the Stadium in front of the Ultimate Muscle Episode 57 English Dubbed krauss casimiro, will give him more freedom as a PLACEBO to surprise the Germans many tricks


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This plan is the most balanced, Esko will play an important role in the way Real Madrid played without football, which will confuse the right side of the Bavarian attack of the Flying Dutchman Aryans Robin.Playing on the left side is not new to the esko, where it was adopted by coach Carlo Ancelotti at this center in his first season Real Madrid, the player is supposed to fix this plan accurately.


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may replace zeidan Esko Bill, injured in the same center categorised as Ayman and depends on the way the usual played (4-3-3).When Real Madrid players lose the ball, will turn the way to (4-4-2) when the defense, here Zidane will not have to change his plan

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