comlication of cesarean section

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cesarean section definition: -Surgery to divide the lower {stomach|belly|abdominal} and uterus to bring out the Jenin {area|region|section}, or more or take out the dead child from the womb of the mother. Under {basic|standard} anesthesia or halves {would be the|will be the|are definitely the} work of one of {the next|the subsequent|this} two methods: -1 ) The first way: open the lower abdomen and uterus hard-surgical longitudinally.2. {The 2nd|The other} way: accidental surgical incision in the abdomen and womb.? After cesarean section, {the most frequent} {difficulties|issues} for the mom are:A. Infection.{W|M|N}. Heavy blood loss.C. A blood clot in the legs or {lung area|bronchi}.D. Nausea, vomiting, and severe headache after the delivery (related to {ease|inconsiderateness} and the {belly|abs} procedure).E. Bowel problems, such as constipation or when the intestines stop moving {waste|waste materials|garden waste} normally (ileus).{Farrenheit|Farreneheit|N}. Problems for another {body organ|appendage|body} (such as the bladder). This can occur during surgery.G. post-surgery {contamination|illness|disease} or fever.H. {damage|personal injury|harm} to organs.I. {crisis|unexpected emergency|urgent} hysterectomy.J. reaction to medication or anesthesia.{E|T|P}. emotional difficulties.L. {loss of life|fatality} of the mother.Meters. {trouble for|problems for} the baby.? Cesarean risks for the {baby|toddler|newborn} include: -i. {Damage|Personal injury|Harm} during the delivery.2. Need for special {treatment|attention|health care} in the neonatal {rigorous|extensive|intense} care unit (NICU).3. Immature lungs and {deep breathing|respiration|inhalation} problems.? Long-term risks of cesarean section: -{you|one particular}. Placenta previa, the {development|progress|expansion} of the placenta low in the uterus, {obstructing|preventing|stopping} the cervix.2. Parias accreta, placenta increta, parias percreta (least to most severe). These problems {happen|take place|arise} when the placenta {develops|expands|increases} deeper into the uterine wall than normal, which can lead to severe bleeding after childbirth, {and frequently|and often} may require a hysterectomy.? Complications for the Baby: -a. cuts or nicks from the surgery tools.b. breathing problems.c. low Apgar {ratings|results}.d. premature birth from an incorrect gestational {age group|era|time}.e. Low blood {sugars|glucose|sweets} baby..Risks to the mother: -? Cardiac {police arrest|criminal arrest|court} during surgery.? Severe {blood loss|hemorrhage} during the {procedure} {causes|brings about} hysterectomy.? Damage to other internal organs Kalomaa or urinary bladder or ureter.? High rate of attacks and pelvic peritoneum.? Puerperal fever? Multiple clots {hip and legs|thighs|lower limbs} for the lack of movement occurs {following the|following your} {procedure} and it travels to the lungs, {resulting in|ultimately causing|bringing about} their failure and heart muscle failure and death.?

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