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   Something that wastes a person's queens and benefits like his pessimism in life, and nothing that inspires hope, draws near success and develops queens, and inspires the beneficial work of his friend and people, such as the smile of life.

   Not only are smiling people happier for themselves, they are also more able to work, more likely to take responsibility, and better to face adversity, to address difficulties, to bring to the fore things that benefit them, and to benefit people .

   If you choose between a lot of money, or a dangerous position, and between the same satisfied with a smile  to choose the second; What is the position with self-constriction? And what is everything in life if the owner is narrowly embarrassed as if he was returning from Habib's funeral? What is the beauty of the wife if she is enslaved, and turned her house into a hell? For the best of them a thousand times a wife did not amount to beauty, and made her house a paradise.

  And there is no value to the apparent smile unless it is emanated from the same Basima, and thinking of a name, and everything in nature is beautiful in a harmonious name, but comes from the obsession with the human nature of the anomaly, the smiling flower,     the forest with its basil, the sea, the rivers, the sky, the stars, , And the human nature of M not for the greed, evil, and selfishness make it tangled; it was a parody of the harmonious nature.

    And for this reason does not see the beauty of the worship of himself, and does not see the truth of the innermost heart; every human being sees the world through his work, his intellect, and his motives; if the work is good, and thought clean, and the motives pure was his view of the world is pure, As beautiful as she had created, otherwise his eyes dangled, and his glass was black, he saw all the messy black things.

   There are souls who can create everything from misery, and souls can create everything from happiness. There is a woman in the house whose eye is not only wrong. Today it is black; because it is broken and because a kind of food the chef increased in his salute, or she found.

   On a piece of paper in the room, stirring, and impregnating, and beyond the blackness to everyone in the house, and if it is a flame of fire.

   And there is a man who hates himself, and those around him from a word he hears, or is misinterpreted, or from the work of a trifle happened to him, or happened from him, or from the profit lost, or from the profit was waiting for him did not happen, or so, In his eyes, then he reigns over those around him.

  They have the ability to exaggerate the evil, and they make the grain a dome, and the seed is a tree, and they have no ability to do good, so do not rejoice in what they have done, even if they do not enjoy what they have received.

  Life is art, art is learning, and it is good for man to find in the position of flowers, wind, and love in his life to find in the accumulation of money in his pocket, or in his bank.

  What life if all efforts are directed at to raise money, and did not make any effort to promote the side of beauty, compassion, love in it?

   Most people do not open their eyes to the joys of life, but open them to the dirham and the dinar, passing on the garden singing, beautiful flowers, flowing water, and birds of prey; do not care for them, but they care for dinar comes.

   The dinar was a means of a happy life, they reversed the situation, and sold a happy life for the dinar, has installed us in the eyes; to see the beauty, we returned only look at the dinar.

  The self and the face are not filled with despair; if you want to smile, fight despair.

  The opportunity is open to you and to the people, and success is open to you and to the people; your mind opens up hope, and anticipates good in the future

   If you think that you are a creature of the little things that have not been reported in life except the little ones, and if you think you are a creature of the great things I felt violently break the boundaries and barriers, and implement them into the spacious arena, the supreme purpose.

  And the credibility of that incident in the material life, who entered the contest hundred meters tired if he cut, and entered the contest four hundred meters did not feel tired of the hundred and two hundred; the soul give you from the intensity as determined by the purpose, specify your purpose, and be high elusive, but not You have to do this every day as you go to a new step.

   But represses the soul, and imposes it, and makes it in a dark prison - despair, loss of hope, bad living by seeing the evils, and looking for the flawed people, and the rants of talking about the evils of the world is nothing but.

   And does not reconcile human beings in all things, as he does to a teacher who cultivates his natural properties, equates them, expands his horizons, returns him to the mercy and the capacity of the chest, and teaches him that the best purpose is to serve as a source of good for people as much as he can, and to be himself a radiant sun of light, love and goodness. , And that his heart is filled, compassionate, and human, and a love to deliver good to all who call him

  The psyche sees the difficulties, which he can overcome, looks at them, and treats them, so that he can overcome them and overcome them, so that he will be overcome.

  He wants to succeed in life and does not want to pay for it. He sees in every way a descending lion. He waits for the sky to rain, or the earth for treasure.

  The difficulties in life are relative. Everything is very difficult in the very small soul, and there is no great difficulty in the great soul, and while the great soul grows bigger by overcoming the difficulties, then the weak souls grow stronger. Behind you, and if he sees you make fun of him, and do not pay attention to him, and make your eyes open to him the way to you, and shrink in his skin from you.

  Then nothing kills for the soul of its sense of its smallness, its smallness, its worthlessness, and it can not produce a great work, and no great benefit awaits

  This sense of loss loses the person's self-confidence and belief in its strength; if he performs a work of suspicion in his ability, and the possibility of success, and treat it with cold

  Self-confidence is a great virtue on which the foundation of success in life, and the difference between them and vanity, which is a vice, and the difference between them that vanity adoption of self-imagination.

  And the self-confidence and reliance on its ability to take responsibility, and to strengthen its property, and improve its readiness.

  After that: the East is in great need of large quantities of sincere smiles that show the satisfied souls aspiring aspirations.

  The secret that you want in the streets, and muzzled forums and communities, and dig in the faces, rarely see only the faces of a broken forehead, and the head of the heaviest concern, Vhzha, and eyes contributed to lost the luster of pleasure, and the vitality of vitality

   I heard the loud laughs in the areas of entertainment, and places of tension, do you see only the pout and the like, and ruled out the fake smiles disguised in interviews, and compliments, and carried out to the depths of the soul, do you see only a contraction and contraction?

 What is the secret in all this?

  His secret in torturing injustice against peoples from an old time until the deprivation of freedom, and whether self-pity only for freedom, and will only get out of tyranny?!

  And their joy in the total poverty of the most people, they carry the painstaking concern, how to eat and live, and how to meet the needs of their family and those who are attached to their neck, and the ports narrow in their faces, and more wealth has been lost from their hands.

  And his joy in the weakness of education that does not open the soul to life, and only dry science.

  And we are pleased that we have not yet learned the art of life, and we have not heard it in the programs of the study, nor seen it in our homes, nor in our schools, nor in our speeches and writers.

  We do not feel self-confidence; the individual does not trust himself, the citizen does not trust his citizenry, neither the men of the administration and the business trust their citizens, nor do the people trust those who are foremost in them.

  Let us overcome all these difficulties, and to give life to life, even if the cost is reversed after a time when it is numbered.

  I paint for the child in his cradle, and the maker in his work, and I give your children a name and you raise them, and the father of the merchant and you treat him.

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